EDJE Activ

Your Name: Mollie Stauffer & Hannah Argov
Business Name: EDJE Activ

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Family? Pets? Hobbies? Etc.

Hey! We’re EDJE Activ 🙂 We’re Mollie and Hannah, two best friends, barre instructors, and dog lovers. We’re both from CT, we grew up together (since we were 2), and now we both live on the opposite side of the country! Hannah is living in Boulder, CO and Mollie is living in Austin, TX. We love barre (clearly) working out, a healthy lifestyle, lululemon, coffee … wow we sound basic, haha. We took on EDJE Activ as a chance to inspire athletes and ultimately be our own bosses!

Tell us about your business. How did you start your business and why? What do you do? Would you go back and do anything differently?

We design inspirational active wear for barre athletes by barre athletes.

EDJE Activ was started by two amazing women, Jackie and Elizabeth, and almost one year ago now we bought the company from them!

Our goal behind EDJE is to be more than just a shirt company. We want to be a person, a friend, we want our shirts to motivate someone, to push them a little harder in their everyday life.

We took on EDJE in almost a crash course of business. We have learned a lot these past few months, would it have been helpful to know a little more about marketing beforehand? Probably. However, it’s been a ride!

Has it been a smooth road? Have you encountered struggles that you could share?

The best way to describe the road of owning your own business is like a heartbeat. It’s up it’s down, back up back down, constantly. No, the road has not been smooth, but that’s not a bad thing. We’ve had to learn and adapt which has lead us to bigger breakthroughs than we could have dreamed of. Thank goodness the road has not been smooth.

What do enjoy the most about what you do? What do you enjoy the least?

The freedom to create and the freedom to make our own decisions are two big things we enjoy the most. Owning your own business also means working on your own time, something we enjoy and at the same time don’t enjoy that. It takes a whole other level of dedication to work on your business right after you come home from your day job.

What inspires you?

People. Every day, normal, you and I, people.

What is your farewell piece of advice for someone interested in starting their own business?

Do it. Jump in. You will learn and grow more than you ever imagined. Get comfortable with failure, it’s half the excitement. Try it, try any and every idea you have. Use the people around you, running a business takes a village … even if you’re the only employee.

What is your favorite Candy Bar?

Oh geeze …. Mollie’s would have to be a MARS bar … love me that coconut. Hannah’s would be reeses! Literally nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate.

What is your favorite Childhood Memory?

We have so many childhood memories together. We used to dance together and when Hannah’s mom would drive us home we would distract her so that she would take us both to Hannah’s house instead of dropping Mollie off. We would either make her sing this really silly song OR ask her questions about her childhood. It worked almost every time, she drove all the way into the garage one time!

You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be?

There are so many colors! Mollie would be yellow (like sunshine, like good morning sunshine). Hannah would be a glitter crayon because who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their day?

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