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Your Name: Kait Hanson

Blog Name: Communikait

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Family? Pets? Hobbies? Etc.

My name is Kait and I’m a freelance writer and photographer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. My work has appeared in Coastal Living, Frommer’s, Jetstar’s in-flight magazine, PEOPLE and more. When I’m not writing, I love to travel with my husband, Dane, try out a new recipe or play with my two chocolate Labs, Judy and Bill, on the beach. I’m an avid reader and believe there’s no such thing as too much laughter, candy or Christmas decor.

Tell us about your blog. How did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog initially as part of a senior project in college to catalog my time working the Super Bowl. After I graduated college, I  went to work in the NFL and my blog was sort of just an online diary so I could keep up with my friends and family. When I moved to Hawaii, I was struggling to find a job in PR, so I just began writing more and more on my blog. It became so much more than I ever anticipated, for which I’m beyond grateful.

Has it been a smooth road? Have you encountered struggles that you could share?

Absolutely not – but nothing worth having comes easily. I’ve had my blog both when I was unemployed, as well as working full time, and I’ve come to learn that in life, you can’t always give 100% to everything. There have been  times my blog has needed to take a back burner and learning to accept that was a bit difficult. Other struggles are probably some of the same things other bloggers deal with — nasty comments, site crashes, ruts in content — but those are the natural ebbs and flows of blogging, I think.

What do enjoy the most about what you write? What do you enjoy the least?

I love putting together travel pieces and recapping out trips. I dislike all the backend stuff that makes a post come together — photo editing, SEO, etc.

Who is your target audience?

I would love to believe that my target audience is anyone with a zest to travel the world, but I think that realistically my own demographic — women ages 25-35.

What inspires you?

I feel like I am consistently inspired by travel. Whenever we go somewhere, I have a notebook handy so I can jot down new ideas, which isn’t too different from my normal. My notebook goes everywhere with me! I also feel rejuvenated creatively after I’ve taken a break from being online — social media, in particular.

What is your farewell piece of advice for someone interested in starting a blog?

Don’t wait until you think things are perfect — just start. The reality is that a blog will never be perfect! There will always be things to work on or things you want to change.

What is your favorite Candy Bar?

This is probably surprising, but I don’t like candy bars, really. I’m more of a sour or gummy candy person and Sour Patch Kids all the way!

What is your favorite Childhood Memory?

I have a lot of amazing childhood memories, but one year I got a Barbie dream house with a pool that Santa had set up so that the pool already had water in it. I remember thinking — wow, Santa really DOES exist. I have a lot of good Christmas memories, in general. I love the holidays!

You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be?

Something neon and sparkly — probably pink!

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